Little Bug is the story of Nyah,

a young girl finding her light.

get nyah home

Nyah is walking home from school when she's suddenly cast into an uncanny world where dangerous spirits linger restlessly in bottomless canyons, icy caves and moonlit deserts. 


Discover Dozens of Unique Items

Collect treasures in Nyah's lunchbox that reveal knowledge of the surroundings and Nyah's magical roots. Special items can even unlock secret challenge levels.


Simple Controls, Complex Gameplay

Play as Nyah and her spirit light in tandem as you immerse yourself in this foreboding, atmospheric landscape.

Nyah is grounded and her light can fly - you control them both at the same time. Use their telekinetic beam to create a powerful connection that can swing Nyah to new heights, destroy barriers, thwart spirits and light the way to secret locations.


Meet Nyah

Nyah is 8 years old. Her favorite subject is Life Science. She loves sharing things she finds with her teacher, Ms. Bisbee. Nyah lives with her mother and baby sister, Isa. Sometimes Nyah stays with her grandma who feeds Nyah's imagination with her own magical wisdom. Nyah loves to collect treasures wherever she goes and learning about her surroundings. 

Nyah Breathing_Short.gif


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