Introducing Roadkill


Check it out, it’s our newest character addition, Roadkill!


Early in the game, Nyah crosses a road to find the lifeless body of a cat. This was Roadkill before he turned into his spirit form you see above. Roadkill is the pet cat of a powerful spirit (loosely based on Papa Legba) who later casts Nyah to the in-between world called the the Crossroads. Roadkill is also the only character besides Nyah who appears in the real world and the Crossroadsin the same form. Throughout the game you can summon Roadkill by giving him an item from your Lunchbox. This will remove the item permanantly, making room for new items you might find.


Although Roadkill is a new addition to Little Bug, he first appeared as a character in a middle school comic Hana made waaaayyyy back in 2003:


As we developed our full-length story, we decided we needed a neutral animal character that supported Lunchbox gameplay and Crossroads lore but hadn’t decided on what or who it would be. When we stumbled on Hana’s old drawings, we both loved his goofy proportions and that he had an x for an eye (symbolizing the Crossroads). We integrated Roadkill with the story, modifying the first minutes of the game so that Nyah discovers him, forgotten in the street, paving the way for her journey through the Crossroads.